about us

About Us

Kian Meyva Company is engaged in packaging and exporting agricultural products in Shiraz city.The management activity of this company in the field of packaging and grading has started since 1996, which, thanks to God Almighty, has been able to provide acceptable services.

This company prepares the product from the farm, packing and grading and finally sending it to all parts of the world.
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This company works in th field of packaging various fruits and vegetables.

The company’s products include:
pomegranate, apple, watermelon, orange, grape, lettuce, parsley, pepper, tomato, melon, beetroot, which are packaged and sent at the customer’s request.The company has two-circuit refrigeration halls.

The capacity of 1000 ton refrigerators with various halls and a completely hygienic sorting hall is one of the advantages and an important factor in maintaining the quality of the company’s products.