Kian Fruit

Active in the field of export of fruits, vegetables and summer vegetables

Kianfruit Company is successful in reaching global positions and being at the level of international companies.

We have been selling fresh fruits and vegetables for 20 years, and with the cooperation of good and hard-working producers, we have always been able to offer the best products to our customers all over the world.

Customer feedback is very important to us, our consultants in the field of product quality, packaging and shipping will be with you because customer satisfaction is our main goal.

In general, careful selection of manufacturers has been a key factor in the company’s success. In this regard, we have established a special relationship with leading manufacturers

Kian Fruit

Kianfruit Company has established a relationship with a large group of successful manufacturers, which is a guarantee to provide the highest and best services at a fair price. Because the selection of manufacturers is based on precise criteria, which has made the products offered by this collection acceptable to customers. We offer products that have valid certifications. The changing situation and the constant and growing demand for agricultural products and products create new challenges for the fruit market. In order to be able to offer the best products to our customers in the long run, we move exactly according to the conditions of the day. In this regard, production monitoring is in our annual plan, which made our products be approved in terms of health.

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